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You have tried everything and nothing seems to work! You have read the management books, you have been to the trainings, you have gone through the “boot camps” and it’s all the same...  

Ready for something NEW?
Ready for something FUN?



Professionals on the Playground UNCENSORED!

THIS is where the MAGIC happens! 

We have brought together some of the top consultants in the fields of businesspersonaland professional development and locked them all in a room for you! 

Just a few of their accomplishments:

  • Grown businesses from the ground up

  • Businesses featured in the top 200 in Fortune magazine

  • Developed thousands of people into top tier professionals

  • Taken companies public

  • Franchised businesses

  • Currently Coach top performing CEOs and Executives

  • Mentoring multi-billion-dollar industry leaders

  • Turned “stay-at-home” moms and dads into key executives

In short, these guys are BAD ASS! 

If you are ready to learn their secrets in business, pick their brains, and learn a NEW way of doing things, we invite you to join us! 

You bring your questions, we’ll bring the alcohol and food, the Professionals on the Playground will bring their UNCENSORED knowledge and skills to take you to the next level!