• Kapolei Heritage Center (map)
  • 91-1270 Kinoiki St
  • Kapolei, HI 96707
  • United States

Empowered Leadership is proud to present theHUB Business Training Center.  

theHub is bringing their Business Training Series, designed to improve the capacity of businesses through Personal and Business Development Trainings & Consultation.

How to Keep Your Money From Being Burned: Small Business Marketing Training an intimate course on hacking into the world of marketing.  Ever wonder why you buy what you buy?  Or more importantly, why you try what you try?  This course will take an indepth look into the secrets of the major marketing companies, but more importantly, teach you the tricks of the trade.  

This course is not for everyone.  It's not for the weak of heart.  Answer these questions honestly:
Are you ready to compete on the big boy level?  
Are you ready to to bring your company to masses, through targeted marketing strategies?  
Are you ready to become greater than you've ever been?

If you've answered yes to all three you're ready.  If you're on the fence no worries, we're already teaching your competitors.  Either shit or get off the pot.  When you're ready, to take the next steps into growth and development, hopefully we haven't grown your competition yet.  For those of you who have the testicular fortitude to take the leap, we'll see you soon.

Graduates of this course will have a proven system to market to the masses.  Empowered Leadership will provide your staff with on going Small Business marketing support in conducting their marketing activities to help your company drop kick the competition in the throat!